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This online student supplement is a companion resource for Computers: One Click at a Time. It is an instructor-led course, and is designed to provide students enrolled in an introductory digital literacy class with additional activities and resources to validate digital literacy skills. It parallels and reinforces each of the seven lessons in the Student Workbook. Computers: One Click at a Time is a foundational skills publication for the beginning learner. Lesson One is on Using a Computer, Lesson Two is about the Desktop, Lesson Three is on Software, Lesson Four covers Using the Internet, Lesson Five is about Using Email, Lesson Six addresses Online Safety and Privacy, and Lesson Seven introduces Real-World Applications, including the RIASEC model to explore personality types and corresponding career interests.

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will 1) acquire a fundamental understanding of types of computers and key features, 2) practice using popular office software tools, 3) identify email icons and learn to recognize suspicious emails, 4) clear browsing history and cache, 5) interpret digital information, 6) discover career interests based on personality type, and 7) develop a mindset for thriving in the digital economy.

Target Audience

  • Adult learners.
  • Beginning computer users.
  • Low skill workers seeking higher skill jobs.
  • Boomers looking to reskill.


Computers: One Click at a Time (ISBN 978-0-692-95592-5)

Course Content

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Lesson One: Using a Computer
Lesson Two: The Desktop
Lesson Three: Software
Lesson Four: Using the Internet
Lesson Five: Using E-mail
Lesson Six: Online Safety & Privacy
Lesson Seven: Real-World Applications