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The Desktop (T) at Adult Learning Center (ALC 202T)

Your ability to navigate the desktop effectively will save you time and help you make the most of your computer experience. This course, along with Lesson 2 (i.e., The Desktop) of the Computers: One Click at a Time workbook, will enable you to accomplish the following:
  • Define desktop
  • Start and exit programs
  • Recognize common desktop icons
  • Distinguish between a web browser and a search engine
  • Minimize and maximize windows
  • Access and control audio output features
  • Use Windows File Explorer, and
  • Search for a file, program, or document
Adult Learning Center Instructor Version
  • The Desktop Overview
  • The Desktop
  • Activity #1 - Page 30
  • Managing Windows and Activity #2
  • Desktop Icons Assignment
  • Lesson Two Key Terms - Page 34
  • Lesson Two Key Terms - Crossword Puzzle Printable
  • Lesson Two Key Terms - Crossword Puzzle Answers
  • Knowledge Check - The Desktop
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed