Instructor Guide (DL 120)
Digital Literacy
Instructor Guide (DL 120)
This instructor guide is a companion resource for Computers: One Click at a Time. It is designed to assist instructors, trainers, and tutors with their digital literacy course. This guide includes instructor notes, activities, and bonus material...
Student Supplement (DL 125)
Digital Literacy
Student Supplement (DL 125)
This online student supplement is a companion resource for Computers: One Click at a Time. It is designed to provide you with additional activities and resources to validate digital literacy skills while also practicing foundational workforce...
Computer Basics (DL 201)
Digital Literacy
Computer Basics (DL 201)
How is using a smartphone different from having a laptop or desktop computer? Learn the basics of computer technology and what it means to be “ready” in a digital age. After understanding key hardware and software, you’ll practice using a...
The Desktop (DL 202)
Digital Literacy
The Desktop (DL 202)
Your ability to navigate the desktop effectively will save you time and help you make the most of your computer experience. This course, along with Lesson 2 (i.e., The Desktop) of the Computers: One Click at a Time workbook, will enable you to...
Internet Basics (DL 203)
Digital Literacy
Internet Basics (DL 203)
Some would argue that using the Internet is essential to life in the 21st Century. While it’s possible to survive without it, using the Internet unmistakably simplifies tasks, fosters widespread communication, and enables greater productivity....

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