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Using E-mail (T) at Adult Learning Center (ALC 204T)

Generations throughout history have communicated with each other in a variety of ways. Most recently, use of the postal system has been an effective, but imperfect way to send correspondence across the miles. Electronic mail, or e-mail, is an Internet-based tool that enables the delivery of a message in the blink of an eye. This course is designed to help you develop proficiency in the use of e-mail, regardless of your e-mail service provider. Additionally, you will be able to demonstrate best practices for using and writing e-mails. Please review pages 71-83 of the Computers: One Click at a Time workbook before starting this course. (Adult Learning Center (WI) Instructor Version)
  • Overview of Using E-mail
  • What is E-mail?
  • Knowledge Check - Domain Names
  • Getting Started with E-mail
  • Tips for Writing Effective E-mails
  • Knowledge Check - Sending and Receiving E-mail
  • How to Send an Attachment
  • E-mail Folders
  • Knowledge Check - Using E-mail
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed